User Guide

Looking to learn more about how Atlas works and where to find things? This walk through should get you well on your way. But, if you have more questions, check out our FAQ section with more details Q&A.

Profile Mock Up.png

Your Improved Phone Book

Atlas is like a digital Rolodex, with the main screen looking and acting like a digital phone book.

From the Phone Book tab (left), you can:

- Access & edit your contact information (profile)

- Add connections (plus sign)

- Open the Contact Cards for your existing connections

- View any directories your connected to (multiple person icon)

- Remove or Edit connections in Settings (gear icon)

Contact Card Mock Up.png

Contact cards that make sense

When you connect to other people or organizations, a new Contact Card will show up in your Phone Book. And whenever someone updates his / her profile, the Contact Card in your phone will also update.

When you open a Contact Card, you’ll immediately see real contact information. However, if you swipe left, you can “flip over the card”. This second screen is solely for you. Take notes on how you met, things you discussed, or what you just want to remember. You’re the only person that can see these notes.

CRM Card Mock Up.png

Track Your Business

Our CRM tab is designed to help you organize the personal or business opportunities in your life. Simple, structured, and easy to use. Our Business Cards can be filled out however you see fit and can be easily exported as needed.