B2B Services

Atlas offers many potential applications beyond managing your personal contact list. Let’s go through some advantages of using Atlas.

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Atlas for Business


Organizational Directories

Tired of Help Desk tickets to change simple contact information? Still using a paper phone directory?

Atlas can serve as your organization’s business directory. Your members or employees can connect in seconds. From there, they manage their contact information. They get a new phone number? Their contact card can be updated in seconds and the new number is pushed the rest of your organization. Very simple.

Pro Tip: Use Atlas for alumni directories.


Notifications & Announcements

Emails can be ignored. Most people don’t like intrusive text messages.

Atlas allows you to send one-way, 140 character messages (from you to your organization) that show up in your phone’s notification center. Unobtrusive and easy to use. Think of it as your own private Twitter without the endless comments back to you.

*Included feature in all subscription options.


Customer Database Management

Tired of manually updating contact records? Frustrated by old contact information leading to email bounce backs or returned mail?

Atlas can create or manage your customer database for you. Have your customers connect with your business account and receive their current contact information and be updated when it changes later. Export the data as needed into any system you choose.

*This option allows your customers to “follow” your business on Atlas. They get your business’s contact information in their phone book and you get an up-to-date customer database.


Organizational CRM

CRM can be expensive.

In Atlas, our business opportunity tracking is free. Everyone in your organization can quickly become your sales team. Export the data as needed and use however you see fit.

*Does not require a subscription.

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