Our Mission

We believe that networking should be enabled by technology, but still take place in the real world. The tools we've had for the past 15 years kicked networking into high gear, yet seldom help us really connect and stay connected with each other.

Atlas' goal is to help you map and manage your personal and professional networks. And rather than lose contact with someone, we want to make sure you can always reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues, and know they're available on the other end.  


Our Products

Our initial product is Atlas. We like to think of our app as a mesh between contact management, social networking, and customer relationship management products. However, our goal is to make all aspects of Atlas as simple, intuitive, and easy to use as possible.

When we set out to design Atlas, our goal was to ensure people stay connected. Based on our experience, once you start moving in your career (between jobs) or your life (moving to new cities or neighborhoods), it just becomes so easy to lose contact with people. Our existing professional and social networking tools are too often "hit or miss" on getting a hold of people in a timely and effective manner. With Altas, we set out to change that. Atlas allows you to connect to your network using your real contact information. And when you update your information, you update your network instantly. Think of it as exchanging a business card...on steroids.

And as we thought through our design, adding an introductory, mobile CRM component just made sense. We've had so many times where we wanted a good way to structure and track business and personal opportunities, but didn't have a good app tied to our real contacts. Atlas solves that problem, while not charging for functions that are typically very expensive from CRM providers; however, if you want to use Atlas and traditional CRM you're welcome to do so. We allow you to export your opportunities as you see fit - no exceptions.

We hope that you find Atlas useful and a valuable part of how you stay in touch with those that matter to you!