Features Overview

Let's go through in some additional detail how you can get the most out of Atlas. 


Real Contact Information

When you create your Atlas profile, we ask you to put in your real world contact information. At your choice, you can add all of your work and personal details or just keep it simple with your name and cell phone number. Completely your choice. 

As you connect with other people, you'll designate how you know them. If you choose 'Family' or 'Friend', then they'll see your work and personal information. All other options show only your work information. Connecting with businesses or organizations will share information based on the type of information they need. For example, when connecting to your local church, you'll be sharing your personal information rather than work, as that is the type of information you would normally share with your church.

The benefits of Atlas grow as your network grows. Whenever you update your profile, Atlas pushes that update to your entire network. Instantly. You never need to send out a mass message saying you changed your cell phone or address ever again.


Keep Personal Notes

If you're like us, then you've probably been handed a business card and tried to scribble notes on the back of it while you're having a conversation. That can be annoying and inefficient, not to mention you have to be holding the card to remember your notes. 

In Atlas, you can immediately jot notes on your new contact's digital card. You never have to remember how or why you met and you can update these notes over time with key details. 

All personal notes in Atlas are 100% private. They're never shared within the app or exported with other data. Only you can see them.


Stay Up-to-Date

We want you to always know what's changing with your network. In Atlas' dashboard tab, you not only see your general stats, but your network's Recent Activity. Here, you can approve new connections, see who's profile has been updated, and view your newest connections. 

Additionally, we like data. So check out your network statistics. We'll let you know how you trend month-over-month in your network growth and business opportunities. You'll see who are the big influencers in your network, which companies you're most connected to, and even the people that are growing the fastest.