Atlas won’t accept the texted code. What do I do?

Check your Internet connection — especially for Android users. Android will Auto-Verify your code (i.e., you don’t have to manually input it from the text). If you’re on Android and you’re having to manually input the code, then try switching from WiFi to your carrier Internet and vice versa.

How do I add a connection?

When you first download Atlas, the app seems “empty”. You need to add some connections to start getting the most out of Atlas!

You can add other users or organizations to your Atlas book via the Plus sign at the top of the Dashboard and Phone Book tabs. To add a connection, you need to know the Name and Code of the person or organization you’re aiming to add.

Atlas has been designed to make sure your new connection is someone you actually know in the real world. No blindly adding people that you don’t know.

Atlas isn’t sending a connection request. What should I do?

First thing, check your Internet connection. Sometimes, this requires switching from WiFi to your carrier’s network, and vice versa. If that doesn’t work, a hard restart of Atlas typically solves everything.

Also, from time-to-time, you might just have a slow Internet connection. It may take a moment for the request to process and send.

Can I limit what I share with my connections?

When you add a new connection with another user, you’ll first be asked for the Last Name & Code of the other user. Right after that, Atlas will ask how you know the other person. This is a privacy setting. When you say someone is a Family Member or Friend, it means that you’re willing to share your entire profile with that person. All other connection types limit the information you’re willing to share (starting with limiting any personal contact information that you have in your profile), with the New Acquaintance type being basically a simple business card.

NOTE: You might say a new contact is a Personal Friend, but the other person might label the connection type differently. That’s ok! You’re saying what you want to share and the other person is saying what they want to share. You can always change the connection type in the Settings menu later on.

If you’re connecting to an Org / Business, you can go to your Phone Book tab (at the bottom) and find the new connection in the Org / Business section. If you open the organization’s entry, then Atlas will tell you what you’re sharing with that organization. If need be, you can delete the connection in the Settings > Network Management tab and swiping left.

How do I track business opportunities?

The CRM tab (bottom, second from the right) is for those individuals that need a structured process for tracking business opportunities. Rather than using spreadsheets, slides, or word documents, Atlas offers a simple method for you to track the big opportunities in your life or business.

To add an Opportunity, go to the Pencil icon at the top of the tab.

From the CRM tab, you can also export all Contacts & Opportunities using the red return icon at the top of the screen. NOTE: You cannot export Personal Notes or contact information from directories you’re part of.